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Dramaku "SMA"

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Iseng-iseng buka data di laptop, eh nemu drama zaman SMA dulu, dan iseng-iseng juga di share disini.
Ternyata lucu juga skenarionya.
Berikut Teksnya.


            One day Khafid and Dani cheated front class. They cheated about watching together about music concert.

KHAFID        : Hi Dani to night is Saturday night, do you have idea?
DANI              : What are you talking about?
KHAFID        : What will we do in Saturday night?
DANI              : How if we invite DITO and Agung to watch it together.
KHAFID        : Ok…I agree with you!

And then they go to meet Agung and DITO to invite watching together.

DANI              : Hi Dito, how if we watching together?
DITO              : Watching together about?
DANI              : Concert music Muse and My Chemical Romance.
DITO              : But, what time? I hope the time is good.
AGUNG         : I suggest you must take a good time…
DANI              : O… Be quite the time is Saturday night…
DITO              : Ok good! By the way, why don’t you invite the other friends.
KHAFID        : Because I don’t want there are many friends. If there are many friends I   think Isn’t good. I just invite 3 person.
AGUNG         : Ok, I agree with you. I support your program. So, how about the
KHAFID        : Be quite… There are many food and drink!
DITO              : Ok… wait me in Saturday night.

And then they went home. And then Dani and Khafid buy the food to prepare of watching together.

DANI              : Khafid, what food must we buy?
KHAFID        : I think we must buy snack and coffee. Its better if we buy coca-cola. It  can make us not sleepy.
DANI              : Ok. So I must buy many snack and drink!
KHAFID        : Stop! Remember just 4 person. Be careful to buy snack and drink.

            So They when home…
            Suddenly in DITO’s Home…

DITO              : Dad, can I go to my friend’s home tonight?
FATHER       : Why do you go to your friend’s home?
DITO              : I want watching together. Please… I am so bored in this house.
FATHER       : Ok.. you can go to your friend’s house. Be careful on the way.

            Meanwhile in Agung house…

MOTHER      : So, You will go tonight. For what?
AGUNG         : I would watching together with my friends
MOTHER      : Ok… I permit you!
AGUNG         : Thanks mom!

            And then Dito and Agung went to Khafid,s house to watching together. But on the way Dito an incident.

DITO              : Ouch… oh dear. My hand is very hunt and my bicycle is broken. I must Fit it. So, I can go to Khafid’s house.\
DITO              : oh… the finally I can finish my duty. Thank God for that. I hope I am not late to come                                                        

In Khafid’s house…

KHAFID        : Agung, where is Dito?
AGUNG         : I don’t know. I think Dito can’t come because the father not permit his!
KHAFID        : How if He doesn’t come?
AGUNG         : Be quite we can start without Dito.
DANI              : Khafid, what time we can start the music concert?
KHAFID        : Please Dan, we must waiting Dito.

            And then Dito come…

DITO              : Sorry friends, I come late, because on the way I got an incident. My
                        bicycle was broken…
AGUNG         : Don’t afraid. We have not start the music concert.
DITO              : Oh… thank you. Oh what a relief!
KHAFID        : Come on we must see the music concert!
DANI              : This is the snack and Drink! Please try it?
AGUNG         : Thank you. I am satisfied with this service!
DITO              : Look! The concert is very good. I hope I can do too.
AGUNG         : I am so happy because I can watching together with my friend.
DITO              : Hi Dani don’t watch concert to night. Because it can make you sick. Have you got permit from your family.
DANI              : Be quite, without permit, I can go…
DITO              : Ok… Friends I will  sleep. Remember don’t watching to night!  

            But, Dani, Agung and Khafid saw the concert to night.
And the finally…

AGUNG         : Oh dear, my body isn’t healthy, I think I sick.
DANI              : You right it is very bad.
KHAFID        : Oh… My head is very dizzy.
DITO              : Good morning friends. What happen with you. I have said don’t watching to night. It is better if I help you.

Suddenly in Khafid’s house…

Dani’s Father : Excuse me, may I meet Dani?
DITO              : Of course. You can meet Dani.
DANI              : Hi Dad. I am sorry I am not permit you because forget.
Dani’s Father : Come on lets go home!!! You are very Naughty Boy!!!

Big Thanks for
- Pramudito Hutomo
- Akhmad Khafid
- Fajar Agung



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